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How to make ringtones from YouTube This is the question that most people would like to get answers. If you own a Smartphone, you know how enjoyable is it switching from one ringtone to another listening to your favorite tunes.Copy the YouTube audio that you have made earlier into the ringtone folder of your Android phone. Set your Android phone to use the new MP3 file as its ringtone. The location for configuring this one may differ from phone to phone, but in most cases, it should be easy to find in the Settings menu. make ringtones from youtube android

Mar 13, 2014 Part 1: Convert YouTube video to ringtone for Android; Part 2: Make YouTube to ringtone for iPhone; I. Make Ringtone from YouTube for Android. You will feel lucky by owning an Android smartphone because changing the default ringtone on Android is much easier than iPhone or other mobile OS devices.

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With this MP3 cutter and ringtone maker, you could click Generate button at the bottomright corner to make YouTube music as your iPhone ringtone. Then you are able to move these ringtones to your iPhone. Mar 08, 2012  In this video, I show you how to add a custom song or sound to your phone's ringtone folder. This way, you can set that custom mp3 file as your ringtone and it will show upmake ringtones from youtube android Have you ever wanted to create your own ringtones, but you just didnt know how? Anyone with an Android phone can easily create their own ringtones from YouTube videos in only 5 simple steps. Full instructions after the jump. Follow these simple steps to turn you favorite YouTube videos into ringtones: Find a cool YouTube video.

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The ringtone for any mobile phone are easily available on various sites on the web. You can choose any of your favorite site or search in Google to find free ringtones sites. make ringtones from youtube android