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Which should you buy: the Surface Pro 3 or an iPad Air 2? Here we compare these rivals and explain which is best for you.Find here comparison of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs Apple iPad Air 2 WiFi Cellular Tablets on the basis of Screen Size, Storage, Processor, RAM, Reviews, Ratings and others with full specifications at NDTV Gadgets 360. ipad air vs surface 2 pro

Comparison of the iPad Air and Surface Pro 2 to help you find which tablet is best suited for business users

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Apr 19, 2014 The iPad Air (left) and the Surface Pro 2 Brooke CrothersCNET. Microsoft and Apple have very different ideas about what a highend tablet is. The iPad Air and Surface 2 fight a 12round tablet battle to determine a winner. Apple iPad Air vs. Microsoft Surface 2. is the surface a surface 2 pro or RT.ipad air vs surface 2 pro The iPad Air 2 is the best iPad yet (as the latest iPad always should be), but how does it compare to one of the leading laptoptablet hybrids? Read on, as Gizmag compares the iPad Air 2 to Microsoft's Surface Pro 3.

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Interface and FunctionalityIn addition to getting the customary set of upgraded hardware, these new tablets are also accompanied with refreshed softwa ipad air vs surface 2 pro Rather than waiting until after the busy holiday season, Microsoft decided to launch its latest high profiled tablet, the Surface Pro 2, well ahead of Apples iPad Air a daring move that will hopefully entice consumers. In the tablet ranking, Apple iPad Pro WiFi Cellular performs better than Apple iPad Air 2 WiFi Cellular, Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Find out why! Is the Surface 2 worth a look over the new iPad Air? then you'll want to look at the Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2. iPad Air vs. Surface 2.