Phone invention year

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2019-08-19 22:25

Andall together nowwe're sick of hearing about it! Yes, there's been a lot of hype written about the iPhone, and a lot of guff too. So much so that it seems weird to add more, after Danny Fanboy and Bobby McBlogger have had their day. But when that day is over, Apple's iPhone is still the best thing invented this year. Why? Five reasons: 1.Jul 31, 2018 Phones were first invented in 1633 The Telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell, a Scottishborn inventor, scientist, philanthropist and teacher of the deaf is the person most widely credited as the inventor of the electric telephone. phone invention year

The first cordless phones were actually created in 1965, but it could be said that the technology might have been developed earlier if the laws in the US were different.

phone invention year

How can the answer be improved? Who invented the cell phone is explained in this article from HowStuffWorks. Find out who invented the cell invention year Outside of the telephone, one of Bells other famous inventions was the graphophone, patented in 1886, which was a device that could record and play back sound. The graphophone was an improved and more commercialized version of the phonograph invented by Thomas Edison.

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But the story of who invented the telephone goes beyond these two men. Bell's Biography Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3, 1847, in Edinburgh, Scotland. phone invention year