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Alderman Shelling Pea Seeds are untreated and nonGMO. These heirloom pea seeds used to be called Tall Telephone peas because of the height of their vines. These heirloom pea seeds used to be called Tall Telephone peas75 days A very old English variety, 'Alderman also known as 'Tall Telephone is a main crop garden pea. It does require support as it will climb to about six feet in height. The pods are large (up to four inches), maturing five to nine peas each. Very productive and good for fresh eating or freezing. peas telephone

seed pea telephone Botanical Name: Pisum sativum Probably the most popular variety of climbing pea. It produces wellfilled pods with beautiful sweet flavour. A tall variety which needs support, the pods can be picked over a long period. Hardy annual.

peas telephone

Dried Shelling Peas are typically used for soups or stews, and fresh shelled immature peas are good lightly steamed or boiled. Unlike Snow Peas or Snap Peas, their pod is too fibrous to be edible, and the peas themselves must be removed from the shells. Tall Telephone Garden Pea 21 Reviews Write a Review Long vines reach up to 6 feet with support, and large pods yield 810 peas each. The peas are large in size, being sweet and tender. This popular garden favorite was introduced in 1881 and is still a standard with many.peas telephone How can the answer be improved?

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All peas, including dwarf types, are natural climbers; more productive, and not as susceptible to rot, if given some support or planted along a fence or trellis. Seed is offered in both treated and untreated; if using untreated seed, avoid planting in cold, wet, poorly aerated soils, as you risk losing the seed to rot. peas telephone 'Telephone' is a Pea variety in the Pisum genus with a scientific name of Pisum sativum. 'Telephone' is considered a heirloom cultivar. Given good support, this variety can grow up to six feet long. Pods produce eight to ten peas each. It is an Vegetable and is treated mainly as a Annual, This means that it grows best over the course of a single year. An extraeasy shelling pea and grows to over 5' tall for easy picking. Best grown on a trellis or pea fence. Pods are large, filled with 68 Extraeasy picking and extraeasy shelling. Vines produce long, plump, dark green 4 12 to 5 inch pods each containing 7 to 9 large, sweet, green peas perfect for canning and quick freezing. Holds well for several days. Grows 4 12 to 5 feet tall and requires a trellis or fence for support. An heirloom variety. The Professional Employees Association, or PEA, is a collection of employees across British Columbia who share a common vision that professionals enjoy the absolute best in working conditions while doing the jobs they love. The PEA is a union of, and for